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Free stock market game provided by the Nipissing University School of Business
Open to all Canadian high schools
Real market experience for Canadian students!

Winter Session: March 4 - April 12 (Registration Open Now!)

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Program Features

real-time trading

Streaming Portfolios

Students can watch their portfolio update in real time, with streaming market data bringing the excitement of the financial markets into the classroom

real-time trading

Teacher Tools

Teachers get a birds-eye view of their class, showing all student activities and progress with detailed reports

real-time trading

Streaming Rankings

Real-time rankings update continuously throughout the day, updating constantly with live market data. Students can also break down rankings by week or month

real-time trading

Investing Challenge

High schools compete individually or in teams with other schools all across Canada

The Nipissing University School of Business

If you want to prepare for a career, and for life in general, Nipissing’s School of Business offers a unique approach to learning that gives you more than a degree. Along with core business knowledge, our faculty will help you develop professional and social skills. The program’s combination of theoretical background, practical skills, experience, independent thinking, and problem solving will give you an advantage and better chance of success in a competitive market.